Waterfront Rental Cottage Nova Scotia Canada

Average   HIGH   Temps:

Jan: -2C / 28F   Jul: 25C / 77F

Feb: -1C / 30F   Aug: 25C / 77F

Mar:  4C / 39F  Sept: 20C / 68F

Apr:  9C / 48F   Oct:  14C / 57F

May:  16C / 61F  Nov:  8C  / 46F

June: 21C / 70F  Dec:  1C  / 34F

Location & Distances:

This highly central Waterfront Rental Cottage in Nova Scotia Canada is located between New Glasgow and Amherst off Highway 6. This property 

overlooks the shimmering 

Northumberland Strait, on the always scenic Sunrise Trail.  

~1 hour and 50 mins from the Halifax International Airport in Nova Scotia.

~1 hour and 50 mins by car to Moncton International Airport in New Brunswick.

~ 1 hour and 10 mins by car to New Brunswick

~1  hour and 50 mins by car to Cape Breton or PEI. 

~6 mins to Tatamagouche, NS

~11 mins to River John, NS

~16 mins to Wallace, NS

~24 mins to Fox Harbour, NS

~35 mins to Pugwash, NS

~36 mins to SKI Wentworth

~45 mins to the PEI Ferry Terminal outside Pictou

~49 mins by car to Truro, NS.

~2 hours and 27 mins by car to Lunenburg, Chester, Mahone Bay, NS

~2 hours and 15 mins by car to Peggy's Cove, NS

~6 hours and 32 mins by car from Bangor, Maine USA

~9 hours and 22 mins by car from Quebec City, Quebec

~16 hours and 30 mins by car from Toronto, Ontario

~2 hours and 4 mins by air from New York City

~6 hours and 40 mins by air from London, England

~ "0" miles to Seaside Bliss :)

Vacation Rental On The Sand, Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia, Canada

 FACING pEI, THIS Nova Scotia vacation rental is beachfront overlooking the northumberland strait:

Two Cottage Maps Below:

Waterfront Rental Cottage Nova Scotia Canada Location
960 Brule Shore Road, Tatamagouche, NS