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Peggy's Cove!  Day and eve scenes...

A red fox stop to stare on Brule Point Road.

The Brule Shore sand flats are just our the front door during low tide.

The Brule Shore sand flats are just down the front steps at low tide.  

What's "What" In Nova Scotia:  

A lowdown of facts & factoids for visitors.  Did you know?

The name Nova Scotia is latin for New Scotland, reflecting our original settlers.

Nova Scotia is closer to Dublin, Ireland than it is to Victoria, BC, Canada. 

It is illegal for a taxi or limo driver to wear a t-shirt while on the job in Halifax.  

Scenic Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia is still technically owned by Britain. 

There are 160 lighthouses in Nova Scotia.  More than any other province in Canada.

Blueberries are the official berry of Nova Scotia.  

Oxford, Nova Scotia is the wild blueberry capital of Canada.  Over 1000 Nova Scotia producers sell $70 million worth of blueberries each year.  

The only salt mine in Nova Scotia is the bustling Windsor Mine in Pugwash.   

121 victims from the TITANIC are buried in 3  Halifax cemeteries.  You can visit their graves.

3 % of Canada's population resides in Nova Scotia.  It is the 2nd smallest province in Canada.  Yes, PEI is smaller.

As a key player in "Operation Yellow Ribbon" Nova Scotia received and welcomed an additional 40 flights, 8000 passengers mainly headed to the US, after the FAA shutdown US airspace on September 11, 2001 (Gander Newfoundland handled 39 flights - 6600 passengers).  Nova Scotia received the most passengers of any Canadian airport.  For 5-6 days, the city opened its doors and Nova Scotians opened their hearts and homes.  Halifax arranged for accommodation and food filling up homes, hotels, sports arenas, high schools and more... Some passengers were also bused to the Annapolis Valley.  

The Bay of Fundy does have the highest tides in the world.  True!

Due to extreme tides and shallow strait waters, the warmest ocean waters in Canada are located on the Northumberland shore.   Also touted as the warmest water North of Virginia, you can swim in 25 degrees Celsius (Up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit) salt water during the height of the summer.

It takes 40 liters (10 gallons) of maple sap to produce 1 liter/1 quart of maple syrup.  Eastern Canadian provinces produce 85% of the world's maple syrup.  Birch syrup is also being discovered.    

The Swiss Air Flight 111 Tragedy in 1998 resulted in incredible volunteer support and love from the local community.  A beautiful tribute and memorial site at Whalesback overlooks Peggy's Cove.  Some victims were buried there.  Another memorial is located at Bayswater Beach, Lunenberg.  These locations were chosen as they were major contributors in the local unwavering recovery effort, and both have clear lines of visibility to the crash site.  Whalesback, Bayswater Beach and the crash site create a triangle.  This triangle and its significance is reflected in the design of the actual memorials at both locations.

Nova Scotia is the birthplace of the donair.  Greek Immigrant Peter Gamoulakos invented the Canadian version of the donair

 (with Origins in Turkey)! Try it with extra veggies and the sauce on the side.  Heaven.

Did you know that the largest exporter of seafood in Canada is Nova Scotia?  In 2014, $827 million in seafood was exported, including $449 million in fresh lobster.

Nova Scotia leads the world for high quality fish and seafood with 3000 fishing operations and 360 food processing plants (305 of them are seafood plants).  

Nova Scotia's top exports include tires with over a billion dollars worth shipped in 2014.  As mentioned there is seafood, gases, wood pulp, rubber, lumber, plastics and we now grow loads of soy beans.  The US is our biggest customer, followed by China, Mexico, UK, France, Turkey...

Many of us consider The Cabot Trail drive in Cape Breton to be one of the most beautiful road trips in the province.

The Atlantic Puffin lives in Northern Nova Scotia (and Newfoundland).  They mate for life and lose their incredible bills each winter.  They live to be 20 years old, are known to be bad fliers and great fishermen/swimmers.

The red fox is common in Nova Scotia and born into a litter of 1-10.  Within that litter they can be varied colours including red, silver, brown and black.  Yes, a red fox can be black.  They can travel 250kms to find a home.  A male fox is called a dog.  A female fox is referred to as a vixen.  So, this statement is technically correct - "The brown red fox was a dog."

Nova Scotia's population in early 2015 decreased to 942,ooo.  Half of those people reside in the greater Halifax area.

The average house price in Nova Scotia in 2015 was $236k compared to $477k in Ontario and $632k in British Columbia.

In 2011, the National Post reported that Nova Scotia residents were the highest taxed in Canada.

When a Nova Scotian driver tailgates and drives within 1-3 feet of your back fender, racing and weaving, do not be alarmed.  This is considered a polite way of asking you to get out of the way.  Assure yourself that they mean no harm.  That they have your best interests in mind.  Your life is not in danger.  They usually won't honk unless it is.  Ok, ok, this one might be more of an opinion than a fact. Our opinion!!!

Youth alert.  59% of the population of Halifax is under the age of 45.  Possible reason why? There are no less than 6 degree granting universities in the city.  For comparision purposes, 47% of the population of Qualicum, BC are aged 65 years and older.

Final Fact:

Nova Scotia has more bars and pubs per capita than any other place in the world.  Really.  Enjoy!

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